Vestige Sharp Air Purifier, Chennai, Tamilnadu Distributor

  • Provides clean air like forest
  • Provides germs and dust not only from the air but also over the surface.
  • Corrects odor.
  • Removes Static Electricity.

Formation of plasma cluster ions, HEPA and Filters filter 0.3 microns of material, while secondary sources filter 2.5 microns of material.

FP-JA30M Sharp Air Purifier with the new ALLERGY MODE removes 99% of allergens within 51 minutes in a 250 Ft Room

Vestige Sharp Air Purifier many type of the people using for homes & Offices and mostly using heart and lungs injuries person, very support them at night sleeping time. | Dual Purification – ACTIVE (Plasmacluster Technology) & PASSIVE, Now you are in Control of them atmosphere inside your room



Brand Vestige Sharp – VFB Distributor
Filter Type Lonizer, heea, pre-filter, activated carbon
Room Size 250-350 SQFT
Model Name/Number FP-J30M-B
CADR 180 / 120 / 60 m3/HR
Power Consumption 51W/30W/13W
Noise level Maximum 47 / 38 / 26 decibel
Warranty 2 Years

Note : Sharp Air Purifier –  The Association of Sustainable Japan Power Manufacturers was formed on the basis of JEM 1467.


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